Making an album

Yes, I’ll date myself and call it an album (at least I’m not calling it an 8-track). Recording an album is one of the most exciting and challenging things I’ve ever done.  I’d put it up there with pregnancy and giving birth, and that’s saying something.

Looking Back at 2016

2016 was a year we grew as a band. Our harmonies and playing are getting tighter, and we've been writing a lot, as we head toward a new cd (in our own somewhat meandering way).



Change can be hard for me, probably for many of us.  The world is changing, and it's easy to get nostalgic for "the good old days".  And I love so much music from the past, from Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash to Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughn. 

Keeping Live Music Alive

LA is a tough town for musicians but venues like these, run mostly by volunteers, keep live music alive. Last Sunday I headed out to hear some live music at the Red Rock Concert Series at Crown Books in Woodland Hills.  Ron Sarfaty, hosts a show there once a month that features terrific singer/songwriters and players.

Growing up Singing

When I was a boy on the farm in Illinois I could stand on the back porch of our house and hear my dad's tractor out in the fields. This was back before we had huge farm machinery where the farmer sits inside an airtight cab. No, dad would putt through the fields, out in the open air on his International Harvester 560.



Liking Something and "Liking" Something

Howdy folks, Rick here. A few weeks ago I did something on Facebook I rarely do, I asked almost all of my FB friends to “like” our page. I was blown away by the number of people that liked us. But, it's not all about the numbers, even though with Facebook we all can get caught up in the stats; how many people “liked” my status or how many people viewed my post? FB keeps asking me if I want to pay to boost my post so I can get higher numbers. But for me the most satisfying thing was the fact that several of my FB friends that “liked” actually became fans... they really do “like” us.

Being in This Band

I will echo what Laura and Kelly have said about being in this band, it's great. We all have done a lot of work in the "biz" but most of it is not under our creative control. We have to jump through the hoops of studio executives, producers, record label folks, and ad agency types which can sometimes take the fun out of the process.

The Love of the Music

I was fifteen when I snuck out of my window to go see a Pat Benetar concert. (Sorry Dad) The spotlight hit her little 5 ft frame in a tight black leotard with a bright red belt. Her legs were glued to the ground while her head slowly turned to face the crowd with a look on her face like “Honey you better look out". Then she broke into the song What Ya Tryin’ To Do to my Heart…I was floored. I thought, man I want to do that. And the rest is history.

Why do I love being a Sweet Potato?

I've been blessed to have made my living as a musician since I was in my early 20's.  I've done everything, including accompanying dance classes, piano bar, music for kids, wedding bands, original bands, writing and playing musicals, improv live and on television, and film scoring.  I wouldn't change a thing I've done. Even the bad gigs have taught me something, even if it's "I don't want to do that again".

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