The Love of the Music

I was fifteen when I snuck out of my window to go see a Pat Benetar concert. (Sorry Dad) The spotlight hit her little 5 ft frame in a tight black leotard with a bright red belt. Her legs were glued to the ground while her head slowly turned to face the crowd with a look on her face like “Honey you better look out". Then she broke into the song What Ya Tryin’ To Do to my Heart…I was floored. I thought, man I want to do that. And the rest is history.


My band Private Life landed in the arms of two people who were the most giving, loving people I had ever met. Those two being Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli. They supported my music with vigor and passion. I made two records with Eddie in the late 80’s/90s (yep good ol’records ) and toured with his band Van Halen, having the time of my life.


I went on to have my first child and for some reason thought it meant I couldn’t sing any longer… impossible to do both right? Wrong!


Flash forward and I am making music again. With the push from my sweet husband, and through my church, I met amazing people who encouraged me to sing again. I met Rick and Laura Hall there and a musical relationship bloomed like water from a faucet. The Sweet Potatoes have allowed me to tap into things writing wise that I never thought possible. We love our fans beyond the moon and leave our shows feeling blessed (Sometimes not a penny richer mind you!) But blessed. We do it for the love of music and each other. Sure, more than gas money from a show would be nice, but the moments we have together as a band…PRICELESS